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In-Person Energy Healing Sessions, Intuitive Readings,
Reiki Classes, 
Spiritual Events and Workshops in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida.
Distance sessions available worldwide.

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Cybele Shana Lerman
Spiritual Awakening Coach
Intuitive Guide

Reiki Master & Teacher

I offer transformational intuitive energy healing and coaching sessions to my clients that can include Reiki, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Energetic Cord Cutting, messages from your Spirit Guides, Animal Reiki, and more. I enjoy leading classes, workshops, and hosting spiritual events. Services are available in person, as well as remotely for clients to enjoy from the comfort of their own home, anywhere around the world.

My style is soothing, peaceful, grounded and calm. The goal for my clients is for them to release and let go of anything that is not serving their highest and best good. As I assist them with this, I then aim to reawaken their natural feeling of true empowerment and self-confidence.

"The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness."


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Client Testimonials

When I receive a Reiki healing from her, I can always feel the loving energy that she possesses, which leaves me feeling full of love within myself. I would highly recommend Cybele for any Reiki healings and any intuitive needs.

Megan S.

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