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About Me

I have been passionate about alternative healing and metaphysical practices for my whole adult life. I first began learning about some of these practices including herbalism, crystals, astrology, homeopathy and energy healing in the late 90's. In 2001 I decided to enroll in a healing arts school in Santa Cruz, California, where I was living at the time. It was at this time that I received my first and second degree Reiki Certification, along with my Essential Oil Practitioner Certificate. I was working at an Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine college at the time, and I loved being immersed in a culture of alternative and holistic therapies.

It was during this time that I had intuitive glimpses into my far off future. I dreamt of having a holistic practice that would combine all the knowledge and wisdom that I began in my early 20's, and have continued to learn over the course of my life.


But, like all of us, I had to have some major life experiences first, because that's where the learning is right?! :)

I got married, had a beautiful baby girl, moved our little family from California to the Midwest (Arkansas), and found myself working for many years in a western medical diagnostic clinic. I could see, first hand, all the patients who were sick with a variety of diseases. They were treated with pharmaceutical drugs, surgery and other techniques that look at different parts of the body as separate from one another. I can appreciate western medicine in certain situations but from all of my previous studies I knew there were so many things people could do on their own to facilitate healing in their entire body. It saddened me to see so much illness, knowing that the patients didn’t know any better, and hadn’t been educated on how to truly care for themselves.


My life experience continued with a job layoff, the ending of a codependent marriage, and moving back to my home state of California. After getting settled into my new stage of life, I knew I was ready to finally pursue the dream that began in my early 20’s.


In the summer of 2018, I completed my Reiki Master/Teacher Certification course and became certified in Animal Reiki and Crystal Reiki. I received my Professional Life Coach Certification as well. I quit my 9-5 job and on June 1st, 2018 I launched my practice, Awaken To Healing.


Since I began my practice in 2018 it has been amazing to work for myself, doing the work I am so passionate about, the work I love to do! Over the years I have assisted hundreds of clients and always enjoy seeing their energy shift immediately after a session. I have taught many classes, lead circles and hosted workshops, and I love seeing the growth and transformation of the students and participants during our times together.


I can honestly say that it feels wonderful to be living my dream, to be so passionate about what I am doing, and what I have to offer my clients and the world around me. I am eager to share that positive energy and light with the world and make a difference in my own unique way. 

It is a joy to look back at how far I have come since my dream began in 2001. My goal is to empower everyone I work with to feel good in their lives, to feel confident, healthy, strong and feel that they too are living a life of their dreams, a life they can feel fulfilled and passionate about!

With Gratitude and Appreciation and Love,

Cybele Shana Lerman

Reiki Chakra Clearing Energy Balancing Alignment Largo

I am a strong proponent of self-care. I feel that we can't be of service to others and the world around us unless we take care of ourselves first. I always encourage my clients and students to have excellent self care practices because I know it is the key to a great life!

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