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"I had a long distance reiki session with Cybele. I am very amazed at the fact that she could clear my energy from so far away. There were moments where I could feel her presence in the room with me. The real test came from going to work the next day. I work in a casino, where negative energy runs rampant, affecting me at the door. But this time, the negative energy that it holds did not affect me at all. I got through the whole day without my normal aggravation and irritation. I'm very appreciative of her help in aligning my energy. And I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to shed the weight of negative energy."

Brett C.

It’s taken me a little while to gather what to write because so much has changed since this wonderful healer has come into my life about a year ago now. First I need to stress that I was a hard core skeptic. I was raised to believe in God and that any other spiritual practice was basically from the Devil🙄. Ever since beginning to awaken and having the Universe and God bring Cybele into my life, I have become much happier and finally feel so in control of my life! She has the most loving and patient vibe...I can tell that she really cares about how her clients experience her. Through her healings I have learned to let go of a Twin Flame who was no good for me, I have learned to love myself unconditionally and feel so in tune with Source that I finally have the peace I have been needing for so long! Thanks Cybele for all the positivity and love you put out into the world!!

Beatriz G.

I was honestly really impressed at how accurate the Distance Reiki Session was. Cybele was able to pin point the exact chakra I was dealing with. That was amazing! Her confirmation of what my body was already telling me instantly gave me strength and helped ground me for a very difficult week ahead. And then she gave me additional information and affirmations to help clear the blockage. It was a wonderful eye opening experience. I will definitely be including Reiki sessions in the regular care of my body.

Marcus G.

Cybele is a wonderfully skillful healer with a kind, loving heart. I recently had a distance Reiki session with her and am still benefiting from it. During the session I felt a distinct “heaviness” throughout my body that was incredibly relaxing. That then turned to a tingling sensation, then to weightlessness as if a huge clearing had taken place. I felt my anxiety melt away. For the past several days I have felt very peaceful and grounded in my body. Cybele's skills and talents are worth their weight in gold. I highly recommend her for a treatment of healing and rejuvenation."

Kristine M.

There is one word for my distance Reiki session with Cybele, and that’s WOW. I have been meditating for many years and while recently focused on the heart chakra and a love meditation, I kept coming up against my own value, and the weight of that. Cybele, with no knowledge of my story, went into a distance session with me, while I (in another city altogether) tuned in to our session and immediately fell asleep. I’d been suffering from depression and insomnia, while in deep study to clear my stuff. The sleep was like heavenly baby rest, that I thoroughly enjoyed for the next 12+ hours. I awoke to an email from Cybele mentioning the heaviness she cleared from my heart chakra with a photo of the crystals that she had used to help with the session. 

Cole C.

I have been receiving Reiki healing sessions from Cybele for about a year now. Cybele is a such an amazing human being that truly cares for your healing and ascension process, a true sweetheart. She makes you feel at ease with the whole process! I would give her 10 stars if I could!


Marisela M.

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