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Relationship Healing Twin Flames Soul Mates Marriage Divine Masculine Feminine

In this beautiful and loving session, we will call in the Higher Selves of the 2 people in the relationship. We will perform remote Reiki and a complete Chakra Clearing of both individuals as well as a clearing of the Chakras of the relationship. 


At the beginning of the session I will ask you and your partners spirit guides, angels, and any other light beings who want to be present for your healing, to join us. I will also check to make sure you both are clear from any dark energy or entities and clear that energy out of your system if it is present.


I will ask your higher selves if there are any energetic cords with other people that are unhealthy for you and ask for those to be cut so all of your energy will be returned back to you both.


I will also place a Reiki energy ball of healing energy in any of your, or your partners, chakras if they need it. This can be described as a time release ball of energy to assist with your healing.


I will end the session by surrounding you both in healing spheres of light from specific Angels and Ascended Masters to keep you protected after the session.


After the session is complete, I will send an email detailing any information or guidance that came through during the session that needs to be shared with the couple, or with the individual requesting this session. If the couple is in separation or not communicating, we can ask the higher selves of both to be present for the session.


Clients generally feel very relaxed during the sessions. Some fall asleep and some feel a variety of sensations. The healing is equally effective no matter if you feel anything or not.


Upon purchase please send a message or email me at to schedule a time and date for the session. I am very flexible with scheduling times to accommodate various locations around the world.

Relationship Energy Healing Distance Session ~ 1 Hour

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