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Crystal Reiki Chakra Energy Healing Tampa Bay Area


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality and the word translates to Universal Life Force. This healing energy is shared through the practitioner to the client through gentle hands-on or hovering touch. 


Crystal Reiki combines the healing energy of Reiki with the added benefit of the healing properties of crystals. Certain hand selected crystals will be placed on the clients chakras and around their body during the session. Additionally, during the session the client will be lying on a Infrared BioMat made of Black Tourmaline and Amethyst.


This comprehensive energy clearing session also includes a complete Chakra Clearing and Balancing. These energy centers will be cleansed of any negative energy or blockages and balanced so they are all clear and flowing properly.


At the beginning of the session Cybele will ask your Spirit Guides, Angels, and any other light beings who want to be present for your healing, to join us. She will also check to make sure you are clear from any dark energy or entities and remove that energy out of your system if it is present.


Cybele will check to see if there are any energetic cords with other people that are not serving your highest good, and ask for those to be cut so all of your energy is returned back to you.


She will place a Reiki energy ball of healing energy in any of your chakras if needed. This can be described as a time release ball of energy to assist with your healing. 


She will end the session by surrounding you in healing spheres of light to keep you protected after the session.


Clients generally feel very relaxed during the sessions. Some fall asleep and some feel a variety of sensations.


The 1 hour appointment is for repeat/returning clients and can be scheduled at a rate of $105 for 45 minutes alternatively, by contacting Cybele directly.


Cybele is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach who has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years. In addition to seeing clients individually, she teaches Reiki and metaphysical classes, and hosts spiritual events in the Tampa Bay Area.


Please email or give us a call or text to schedule your appointment at (925) 255-5314.


Same day cancellations, reschedules and no-shows will be charged the full rate.

Energy Healing Session w/ Reiki & Crystals ~ In-Person ~ 1 Hour

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