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Pendulum Psychic Reading Intuition

Cybele has been using a Pendulum for over 25 years. It has been an amazing tool and teacher for her in all areas of her life. It can be used as a wonderful communication tool with the Spirit world and a way to develop your own intuition.


Topics covered in class are:

~How to get your yes and no with a pendulum

~What types of questions you can ask, and what the Pendulum generally can not answer

~How to clear your own chakras with a Pendulum

~Clearing techniques of your Pendulum

 ~Where your personal Pendulum is getting their answers from

~The correct format to ask your questions

~And much more!


You will need to have your own pendulum to use during class. You can purchase one locally or online. Just look for the one that calls out to you!


Class can be held based around your schedule at our office in Palm Harbor, Florida. Class can be held on Zoom, if you are not local to the Tampa Bay Area. The Zoom link will be provided to your email.


Any questions? Feel free to send an email to:

Private Pendulum Basics Class ~ Develop Your Intuition

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