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Spiritual Awakening Chakra Alignment Balancing Ascension to Higher Dimensions

In this 75 minute session we discuss whatever is on your mind and heart and provide you with any guidance that you may need. In the first 30 mintues you can also ask any questions you may have about your Spiritual Awakening journey, or any questions about the awakening process and ascension to higher levels and dimensions. 


I will also give you a complete Crystal Energy Healing session for about 30 minutes, which includes Reiki, Chakra Clearing, Cord Cutting, Energetic Healing from your Spirit Guides, and Intuitive Messages.


We will wrap up the last 15 minutes discussing what the energy healing session showed about your energy field, chakras, cords and any additional messages that came through.


I am a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach and Intuitive Empath and I enjoy talking with clients and sharing insight that can help them uncover any deep seated traumas that they may have been storing in their bodies and systems for many years. Often times bringing these traumas up to the surface to be looked at can cause healing and release to occur. We will look at areas of your life that aren't working and talk about what needs to be addressed and changed and discuss tips and tools that can be used to make these changes easier.


Please call or email to schedule.


Same day cancellations, reschedules and no-shows will be charged the full rate.

Awakening, Ascension & Alignment Session ~ 75 minutes

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