13 Chakra Clearing & Activation Distance Session ~ 30 Minutes

This is a Distance Ascension Chakra, Activation, Clearing & Balancing service. In this session I will activate your 5th dimensional ascension chakras, and clear and balance all of your chakras, totaling 13 in all that I work with.


During this session, I work with the 13 chakra system, which includes one below the feet, the 7 major chakras around the body, and the 5 Ascension Chakras above the head. We get these centers cleansed of any negative energy or blockages and balance the chakras so they are all clear and flowing properly. This service is performed from a distance, as the energy work transcends limits of location. I will message you when we are beginning the session. At the end I will send you a detailed email about any impressions or messages that came through for you during the session. It is best if you can be lying down, resting during the session, but is not necessary.


Clients generally feel very relaxed during the sessions. Some fall asleep and some feel a variety of sensations. The energy work is equally effective, whether you feel anything or not.


Upon purchase please send a message or email me to schedule a time and date for the session. I am very flexible with scheduling times to accommodate various locations around the world.

13 Chakra Clearing & Activation Distance Session ~ 30 Minutes